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Wheat is the most wide planted crop in the world. After it is harvested, wheat straw will be a big problem for farmers to deal with. It will possess a large area to place, but direct burning may also cause unpredictable disasters. To solve this trouble, a variety of ways are developed. One available way for farmers is to make wheat straw into biomass pellets through wheat straw pellet mill.

Do You Know How to Make Wheat Straw into pellets?

wheat straw

Wheat straw pellet mill made by GEMCO is apt to deal with wheat straw and other agro-straw with unique flat die design. Sometimes, our wheat straw pellet machine makes the wheat straw into biomass pellets for horse bedding with soft and fluffy in accordance with customers’ demands. Of course, the wheat straw is mainly utilized for heating or cooking as a green and clean energy by farmers.

wheat straw pellet mill wheat straw pellet mills
Workshop of wheat straw pellet mill

Technical Parameters of Wheat Straw Pellet Machine

Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW) Packing Size
ZLSP200B 7.5KW (3phase) 80-120 kg/h 215/245kg 950*450*1050mm
170-270 lbs/h 475/540lbs 37*18*41 inch
ZLSP300B 22KW (3phase) 250-350 kg/h 540/575kg 1350*750*1400mm
550-770 lbs/h 1190/1268lbs 53*30*55 inch
ZLSP400B 30KW (3phase) 350-450 kg/h 770/810kg 1400*800*1450mm
770-990 lbs/h 1698/1785lbs 55*31*57 inch

Tips: We have diverse models and capacities to be chosen in order to meet customers' various needs such as 260B, 230B, 300B,150B, 300C,400C and so on.

What’s more, wheat straw pellets as biofuel is one new clean energy technology. By changing the form of organic materials and grinding them to small granules, the density, intensity and burning time can be improved greatly. Besides, the pellet form enables the storage and transportation easy—both labor and cost will be saved in large number. In addition to the low price, wheat straw pellets have become one of the most popular energy resources. You can get great benefit from this industry if you are engaged in it.

wheat straw pellet wheat straw pellets
Wheat Straw pellets

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How to use different raw materials to make pellets?

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