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An Easy Way to Make Fuel Pellets with GEMCO Small Pellet Mill

  • Make pellets from sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, straw, etc. (Download common seen raw materials here!)
  • Two types available: D-type and R-type. Various driven: Electric engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO.
  • Capacities range from 80 to 800kg/h.
  • Suitable for home use, small plants, farm, etc.
  • Motor-driven Type(D-type)
  • PTO Type(D-type)
  • Motor-driven Type(R-type)
  • Diesel Engine-driven Type(D-type)
GEMCO has various kinds of small pellet mills for you to choose. See details in the list below.
Electric Pellet Mills
pellet mill electric motor D type ZLSP-D 150B 5.5kW 50-100 95/110 800x450x700
ZLSP-D 200B 7.5 kW 80-120 200/230 1050x480x930
ZLSP-D 230B 11 kW 120-200 290/320 1180x540x1000
ZLSP-D 260B 15 kW 160-250 320/360 1240x540x950
ZLSP-D 300B 22 kW 250-400 350/380 1300x560x1100
D type ZLSP-D 150C 5.5kW 60-110 105/125 1000x480x780
ZLSP-D 200C 7.5 kW 80-120 210x230 1050x550x830
ZLSP-D 230C 11 kW 120-200 290/320 1200x560x950
ZLSP-D 260C 15 kW 160-250 340/370 1240x560x1000
ZLSP-D 300C 22 kW 250-400 425/465 1300X620X1100
pellet mills electric motor R type ZLSP-R 200B 7.5kW 80-120 215/245 950x450x1050
ZLSP-R 300B 22 kW 250-350 540/575 1350x750x1400
ZLSP-R 400B 30 kW 350-450 770/810 1400x800x1450
ZLSP-R 550B 55 kW 500-800 1770 2300x750x1850

Diesel Pellet Mills
diesel engine pellet mills D type ZLSP-D 150A 8HP 50-100 180/220 100x500x750
ZLSP-D 200A 15 HP 80-120 210/240 1460x750x900
ZLSP-D 230A 22 HP 120-200 280/310 1560x850x1100
ZLSP-D 260A 30 HP 160-250 330/360 1200x500x1070
ZLSP-D 300A 55 HP 250-400 410-450 1220x600x1000
pellet mill diesel engine R type ZLSP-R 200A 15HP 80-120 320/350 1460x950x1100
ZLSP-R 300A 41 HP 250-350 850/890 1100x700x2480
ZLSP-R 400A 55 HP 350-450 1010/1050 1300x800x2600

Gasoline Pellet Mills
pellet mill gasoline engine D type ZLSP-150Q 10kW 90-120 180-220 1000x500x750

PTO Pellet Mills
pto pellet mill D type ZLSP-D 150P ≥8 HP 50-100 90-110 900x540x1020
ZLSP-D 200P ≥15 HP 80-120 130/150 1000x540x1020
ZLSP-D 230P ≥22 HP 120-200 175/200 1000x540x1020
ZLSP-D 260P 33 HP 160-250 235/255 1050x540x900
ZLSP-D 300P 41 HP 250-400 305/325 1100x540x1000
Why should I choose GEMCO pellet mill?

GEMCO has been devoted itself in pellet mill industry for a long time with rich experience in pellet mill developing, manufacturing and raw material processing. Over years of research and develop, GEMCO pellet mill has been improved with high quality, stable running and low price. GEMCO has large quantity of customers all over the world.You don’t need to worry about its operation, since we can teach you on how to make your own pellets.

Which type of pellet mill can I choose?

Depending on working principle, the small pellet mills can be divided into die rotating type (D-type) and roller rotating type (R-type). While depending on power source, they can be divided into electric motor type (ZLSP B series), diesel engine type (ZLSP A series), PTO type (ZLSP P series) and Gasoline engine type (ZLSP Q series).

How to distinguish D-type and R-type small pellet mills?
  1. D-type
  2. R-type
Which one is suitable for me, D-type or R-type small biomass pellet mill?
  • D-type small pellet mill is often used to make pellets from softwood like pine, spruce, cedar, eucalyptus, poplar or crop waste like straw, stalk, peanut shell, rice husk, bamboo powder, and so on. It has high productivity and low price. So it is suitable for people who make pellets for own use.
  • R-type biomass pellet mill has better performance for hardwood like beech, birch cypress, elm tree, hickory, oak, etc. than D-type. It can make sawdust pellets with better quality, higher density and smoother surface, and all its parts are better than D-type but also with higher price. It is often good choice for people who want to make pellets for sale.
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