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Switch grass is a kind of plant that grows fast and is easy to live. It is of so great vitality that can exist in places where soil is depleted. Containing rich alcohol, the switch grass is even called “energy grass”. So switch grass has a variety of application in biomass energy. Recently it is mainly used for bedding of stable, grazing of sheep and mulch hay. But switch grass has been made into pellets as a renewable fuel by technical innovation. Therefore, we need a switch grass pellet mill to achieve switch grass transformation.

switch grass switch grasses

Switch grass pellet press developed by GEMCO is a machine for compressing switch grass to pellets. It enables you to make pellets freely at any place and any time as you like with a compact structure and small body. The high efficiency and productivity will keep the switch grass pellet machine produce as many pellets as you need. If you hesitate for the complexity of operation, the products of GEMCO will make you relax. The switch grass pellet mills are designed with simplified operation and automatic running. You just need to put the raw material to the machine, and then you can get the finished pellets.

Diesel Driven Switch Grass Pellet Mill

switch grass pellet mill

Technical Parameters of Diesel Driven Switch Grass Pellet Mill

Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW) Packing Size
ZLSP230A 22 HP 120-200kg/h 280/310 kg 1560*850*1000mm
245-440lbs/h 620/680 lbs 61*33*39inch
ZLSP260A 35 HP 160-250kg/h 330/360 kg 1200*500*1070mm
350-550 lbs/h 730/790 lbs 47*22*41inch
ZLSP300A 55 HP 250-400kg/h 410/450 kg 1220*600*1000mm
550-880 lbs/h 900/990 lbs 48*23*39inch

  • Moisture of switch grass should be controlled between 14% and 18%.
  • Size of switch grass should be no larger than the diameter of die holes to assure no accumulation and damage caused to the machine.
  • No direct touch to pellets just coming out from the machine until they cooled down after a little while.
  • Tips: We have other models and capacities to be chosen for customers such as 260B, 230B, 300B,150B, 300C, 400C and so on. When you purchase, you need to choose the proper model and capacity according to practical needs.

Compared with other raw material, the switch grass made into biomass pellets will be an available, cheap and easy way for most common people. Switch grass pellets as one renewable energy resources has been popular in the world. They are as efficient as coal, gas, or any other traditional fuels when burning. With their low cost, you can totally rely on this kind of fuel to heat your house in winter.
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