coconut shell pellet mill

Coconut shell or coconut husk is a good source for pellets fuel making. It is the by-product of coconut processing. Previously, coconut shell is often used to make household items for decoration; while its fiber, coir, is used for making rope or matting.

But now coconut shell can be used to produce fuel pellets because mature coconut fiber contains lignin, which is the most important component that makes it suitable for pelletizing. Besides, coconut shell also has relatively high calorific value (heat value). (If you want to produce coconut shell charcoal briquette, please click here.)

coconut coconut shell
Coconut Coconut Shell

For making coconut shell pellets, we need a coconut shell pellet mill. The whole process can be seen below:

coconut shell pellet mill
See large coconut shell pellet mill specifications
Model Capacity
BPM35 500-800 30*2+0.75+0.75 2150*1950*1900 2200
BPM420 1000-1500 90+1.5+3 1000*480*780 3400
BPM508 1500-2000 110+1.5+3 1000*500*750 4500
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coconut shell pelletsComposition of coconut shell and coconut shell pellets
Item Coconut shell Coconut shell pellets
Moisture 15% 5-7%
Ash content 4-5% 7-9%
Calorific value 3500-4000kcal/kg 6500-8000kcal/kg

Advantages of coconut shell pellets

From the above we can see coconut shell pellets have high calorific value, which is almost the same with coal (7000kcal/kg). Therefore, for major coconut planting countries like Indonesia, Philippines, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Tanzania and Ghana, etc., coconut shell pellets are good renewable and environmental friendly fuel sources.

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How to use different raw materials to make pellets?

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