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Along with the development of human civilization, waste paper has a gradually increase trend every year. Though many ways has been researched to recycle the waste paper, it is not good for people to have a direct contact with it again for the waste paper has been polluted and there are many toxic substance contained. Thus, have a try to make the waste paper to biomass pellets.

Waste Paper for Making Biomass Fuel

waste paper

When waster paper is made to biomass pellets, they can be used as one green and renewable energy resource with a wide application. The waste paper pellets are high efficient fuel that can play an important role in family heating, cooking, generating electricity, or as industrial fuel. They can discharge as high calorific value as pellet mill, while little smoke and ash will produce. That is to say, the utilization of waste paper pellets can not only create great economic benefit, but also save a lot of labor.To process waste paper, you have to own a waste paper pellet mill. Waste paper pellet mills developed by GEMCO can be you ideal and reliable choice.

Technical Parameters of Waste Paper Pellet Mill

waste paper pellet mills Model ZLSP400B
Driving Mode Electricity
Power 30KW
Capacity 350-400 kg/h
770-990 lbs/h
Weight(NW/GW) 95-110 kg
210-250 lbs
Packing Size 1400*800*1450mm
Tips: We have other models and capacities to be chosen for customers such as 260B, 230B, 300B,150B, 300C,400C and so on. You can choose one you want. 

Excellent Performance

waste paper pellets waste paper pellet fuel
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How to use different raw materials to make pellets?

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